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Seats from the extensive Cineak collection of high-quality home theater seats can be found in most of the top home cinemas throughout the world. Each seating model encompasses the ultimate in design, the finest quality and materials, luxurious options, numerous customizations and ultimate comfort.

Cineak Seating is available in 16 distinct styles:    Fortuny * Nero * Grafton * Escana * Ferrier * Bruges * Sienna * Strato * Strato Plus * Gramercy * Cosymo * Intimo * Dito * Ferrier Cine * Fortuny Luxury Editon

Cineak Ferrier and Ferrier Cine Home Cinema Seating

Cineak Ferrier (front) and Ferrier Cine (rear) Home Cinema seating

Cineak Grafton Seating

Cineak Grafton Home Cinema Seating

The Grafton club chair presents a new interpretation of a club chair design, combining cutting-edge technology with the ultimate in craftsmanship and luxury materials used. The chair features a motorized footrest which allows one to adjust the position of the footrest while enjoying ergonomic comfort in the seat and backrest. Most of CINEAK’s cutting-edge technology features are available on this product. The  chair features a wooden design element on the armrests and back of the chair, which is available in a variety of standard wood types and colors and if needed can be customized to match any particular custom wood type/color.

Prices from £5379 / single seat excl. shipping

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Cineak Escana Seating

Cineak Escana Seating

The Escana, features the comfort and ergonomics of a FORTUNY seat and a unique wood-inspired armrest design.

The ESCANA theater chair was created for the most luxurious home theater. It’s concept is unique in many aspects and the design combines leather upholstery, varying stitching finishes, ergonomic contours, real wood veneer and an independently controlled Dual-Motorised reclining or incline mechanism. The ESCANA comes standard with a manual articulating headrest- which allows one to adjust the position of the supporting headrest when in the reclined or inclined position. The articulating headrest is also available motorised.

Prices from £2752 / seat excl. shipping

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Cineak Ferrier Seating

Cineak Ferrier Seating

The FERRIER brings a unique approach in applying diamond stitching patterns to a theater seat, while maintaining style and increasing comfort. The steel recline mechanism allows for the backrest and footrest to operate independently from another. Fully articulating headrest allows for desired viewing condition and proper head and neck support. Numerous customisations are available.

The Matching Ferrier Cine chair allows for combinations of layouts with a common style.

Prices from £4179 / seat excl. shipping

Download the Ferrier Recliner Tech Sheet

Download the Ferrier Incliner Tech Sheet

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Cineak Bruges Seating

Cineak Bruges Seating

The “Bruges” chair, is named after the enchanting and classical city of Bruges. This canal-based city, located in the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium, is often referred to as “The Venice of the North”. It’s architecture reflects its splendor during the medieval era of Western Europe. The “Bruges” chair features a steel motorized incline mechanism. The highback Bruges features an articulating headrest, available in manual or motorized. The “Bruges” chair is available as a stand-alone chair, or can be configured into straight or curved row seating.

Prices from £2430 / seat excl. shipping

Download the Bruges Tech Sheet Here

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Cineak Strato Seating

Cineak Strato Seating


A first-of-its kind line of cinema seating, the STRATO’s truly modular design combines the plush comfort of a couch with the functionality of a traditional upright theater seat.

Created by CINEAK in association with a team of renowned designers, the STRATO develops a look with form and function. The vision behind the design of the STRATO can be best described as “a beautiful abstract design, hiding complete functionality.”

Prices from £4732 / single seat excl. shipping

Download the Strato Tech Sheet Here

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Cineak Strato Plus Seating

Cineak Strato Plus Seating
STRATO plus + is a slightly modified version of the standard STRATO. The height of the headrest has been extended by 4”/10cm to offer extra head support, especially for the taller individuals. The overall depth of the back of the chair has increased by 4”/10cm and the backrest is slightly slanted, providing an elegant change in overall look of the STRATO. The D-BOX ready option is available on single and double seats!

Prices from £5089 / single seat excl. shipping

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Cineak Gramercy Seating

Cineak Grammecy Seating

The sophisticated living-room entertainment sofa bringing together sleek, modern design with soft casual comfort along with the performance of an entertainment chair.

The Gramercy features a contemporary, lush and deconstructed appearance and provides a more casual comfortable feel with a significant dash of elegance.  While the design consists of sleek lines, it still represents a more comfortable experience.

The Gramercy features a cutting-edge DUAL motorized incline mechanism which allows the user to adjust the footrest and headrest position to their preferred comfort-level. The motorised mechanism allows the Gramercy to function as a traditional sofa AND at the touch of a button turns it into a truly relaxing home-entertainment chair.

Download the Gramercy Spec Sheet Here

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Cineak Cosymo SeatingCineak Cosymo Seating

A new wave of modularly built sectional Sofa Seating.
The shape of this sofa is defined by firm leather upholstery along the outside of the seats. Due to its modularity, numerous seating layouts can be created by combining elements.  Diamond stitched patterns are applied to the inside of the outer arms and along parts of the middle armrests. The straight wooden parts accentuate the unique shapes of the product and are available in different finishes such as RAL painted, custom wood veneers and CINEAK’s exclusive high-gloss “tiger-eye” finish. The inner armrests feature a recessed back-lit in-lay table, which can be used to place drinks, snacks, touch panels, etc.   The inlay table is available in frosted glass and in Carrera or Crema Valentia marble.The highly comfortable cushions consist of a mix of foam flakes and down feathers.
Prices from £4194 / single seat excl. shipping

Cineak Intimo Seating

Cineak Intimo SeatingBringing versatility to the Private Cinema

Comfort, flexibility, design and much more … This unique sectional sofa adds a new concept in seating for the home entertainment environment.

Due to its modularity, numerous seating layouts can be created by combining elements. Comfortable rows can be transformed into lounge beds with ease. Depending on the number of people, you can mix and match to create more or less seating with the same amount of units.

The INTIMO sofa is made from upholstered bases with pocket springs to give ultimate comfort and support. The seating and back cushions are a combination of high density polyurethane foam and natural goose down. This creates a comfortable and cozy chair with a soft feel. The seating cushions are available in a soft and medium-soft version.

Prices from £3693 / sigle seat excl. shipping

Download the Intimo Tech Sheet Here

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Cineak Dito SeatingCineak Dito Seating

The “DITO club” chair adds charm to a room décor and will bring history into your home. The “DITO club” chair is inspired by 19th Century English chairs found in clubs where members engaged in deep philosophical conversations with like-minded folks. The “DITO club” chair presents a personal getaway for engaging with guests, reading a book, relaxing or enjoying your favorite show or movie. With the “DITO club” CINEAK brings back the classic seat arrangements found in private screening rooms of the 1930s.

Prices from £3579 / single seat excl. shipping

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Cineak Ferrier Cine Seating

Cineak Ferrier Cine Seating

The F-Cine is a club chair that can be used in private cinemas, media rooms, living rooms and auditoriums. The chair features a slim design and its compact nature allows one to put this chair in areas where space, such as riser depth and width, are of concern. The chair can be configured in row configurations utilizing straight, curved or double wide armrests. Custom requests for backrest height, armrests width, etc. are available.

Prices from £1455 / single seat excl. shipping

Download the Ferrier Cine Tech Sheet Here

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Cineak Fortuny Luxury Seating

Cineak Fortuny Luxury Seating

The FORTUNY has been Cineak’s best-seller for the past 10 years and continues
 to revolutionise the Home Cinema seating market due to its comfort, luxurious presence and quality craftsmanship.

We are proud to offer the “luxury edition” version, which presents an even more exclusive selection of exotic and luxurious materials and finishes. The “luxury edition” offers an exclusive selection of exotic wood veneers, the combination of superior leathers with Alcantara® on particular parts of the chair, and discrete contrast stitching.
All the produced chairs are marked with a “luxury edition” tag to identify the uniqueness of the product. Both the recliner and incliner versions of the FORTUNY are available in the “luxury edition” version.

Prices from £6641 / single seat excl. shipping

Download the Fortuny Luxury Tech Sheet Here

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