Seating Features

Recline Mechanism

With a recline mechasim, the seat back tilts back while the leg-rest comes up to bring you into a reclined position. Seats with a recline mechanism require extra room behind the seat for the back to recline into. Most manufacturers have moved away from a recline mechanism to the more popular incline mechanism (see below).

Incline Mechanism

An Incline mechanism as opposed to recline, slides the seat forwards as the back goes down. This reaches a similar laid-back position as the recline mechanism, however does it with minimal space requirements behind the seat – these are ideal where the seat backs onto a wall at the rear of the room, or has another row on a platform behind it. Most of our brands include incline mechanisms.

Butt KickerTactile Transducer

A tactile transducer adds a 4th dimension to the audio, providing a positive vibration into the seat itself in tune with the music. It works like an additional sub-woofer, but creating a physical vibration in the seat. Most seats are able to be adapted to take a tactile transducer, as it doesn’t put significant stress on the seat.


D-Box System

D-Box chairD-Box logoThe D-Box system take the concept of adding the 4th dimension a step further, by physically lifting and tilting the seat in-line with the movie. To do this, D-Box create a separate motion track to the film, giving you rise and fall, tilt and tip motion. This motion puts significant strain on the seat, so only seats with sufficiently strong frame are able to take a D-Box system. D-Box ready seats, have strong points built into the frame at the factory to take the motion actuators.

Available from Cineak, Cineca, Cinematech, Fortress & Moovia – Please note: not all seats from these manufacturers are available with D-Box options.






Special Features

A number of seats have additional special features and accessories such as:

  • Independant motorisations ( head / lumbar / feet )  Available from Cineak, Cineca, Fortress, Moovia
  • Built-in storage (e.g. for remote controls) Available from Cineak, Cineca, Elite, Fortress, Moovia, Palladio)
  • Cup-holders (+ heaters / coolers) – Virtually all seats have cup holders, drinks heaters/coolers vary
  • Swing-out / folding trays – Most seats have swing-out tray options (using the cupholders)
  • Straight / Wedge armrests for curved rakes Available from most brands.
  • Bespoke / customer’s own Fabrics Available from Cineak, Cineca, Elite, Fortress, Moovia
  • Folding armrests Available from Fortress
  • Seat ventillation / heaters Available from Cineak
  • Massage motors – seriously, do you want to be massaged whilst watching a movie?
  • lights / lamps Available from Elite
  • Automation integration Available from Cineak, Elite Fortress
  • Riser mechanisms Available from Cineak,